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In the UK we currently plant just a quarter of the trees we planted 30 years ago.

The aim of this web site is to help reverse global warming. You can play a fundamental role.

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Something needs to change. Global warming is the number one issue facing us, and the next generation. Almost all scientists now agree we need to take action quickly to reduce carbon emissions.

We all know it's a problem, but there is still little information written in plain English to help really understand the issue. There is almost no clear advice on what we can all do to help reduce global warming. In many ways we all expect others to do something. We hope to help change all that.

Global Trees is a registered charity with a difference (see About). We aim help you through the jargon, help you understand global warming, and show you how you could help, should you wish. Through this site you can

  • Learn about global warming
  • Calculate your carbon footprint (it's fun)
  • Find out how you could reduce your carbon emissions
  • Plant a tree.

Raise Money, Plant Trees. Our mission is very simple. We have one aim -  to raise money, and plant trees. Trees are a key way of taking carbon from the air and putting it back in the ground.

A million people each donating £5 from their wages each month will allow us to plant 30 million trees a year (includes lifelong care).

We have minimal overheads - so much so that we pledge to ensure 95% of all money raised goes straight into planting trees.

We are partnering a number of other not-for-profit expert tree organisations who will do the physical tree planting. This means that a tree with lifelong care and independent verification, costs just £2 to buy and plant. That is the price of a typical posted Christmas card.

With this knowledge we have already received donations from people and companies who, when it comes to Christmas, instead of sending a card pledged to plant a tree instead. The logic seems eminently sensible - instead of cutting down trees - you plant them! 

Other ways to help. Please tell all your friends about Global Trees. We rely on word of mouth to help us make a real difference.

Updates. If you want to register for more information, you can do so at . We will send regular email updates on how you are helping us reverse global warming.

Trees to your door. You can order a tree for your home via the Woodland Trust's own website  It will be delivered to your door, so you can watch it grow in your garden!


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